How much is shipping?

Shipping is free within the US as we mostly ship within the US borders.

How long does shipping take?

On average our shipping takes between 5-17 business days. Some times a bit more others less. The longest time we’ve had was 22 business days.

Why is it that my shipment arrived in different packages and times?

Our fulfillment centers are spread across US and we have a few outside the country. This means orders with more than are mostlitetly to arrive in different packages and times. If you receive one item before the other, please don’t panic they too will arrive shortly. Unfortunately some items take a bit longer to fulfill than others.

Where do you guys ship?

Mostly anywhere in America. As long as its not the military area for obvious security reasons.

How do I keep track of the order?

A tracking code will be sent to the email you provided when you placed the order. The email will provide the details on how and where to use the tracking code. Please do keep in mind that tracking information will appear 2-7 days after you received the tracking number (that’s how long it takes to fulfill orders and have them sent to shipping companies). Your tracking information is released once your items leave shipping bay.

Why is my shipment status unchanged?

Due to volumes dealt with on a daily basis, your shipment might be slightly delayed. Other reasons for an unchanged status are customs, weather incidents and backlogs.

Why do I have to pay shipping companies for the shipping?

This is one of the reasons we do not charge shipping. Not all shipping companies charge shipping and those that do, each has their own fees. The charges wont be much as its only for import taxes, shipping to a remote area, etc. We do advise paying so they do not withhold your possessions. This rarely happens.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept PayPal, visa, credit cards and debit cards as this are the safes methods and are easy and quick to process. Also if you run into trouble you can quickly be refunded. Choose the method most suitable to you. We will soon be adding other methods and currencies as we continue to expand. To place an order go to pick an item(s) then ‘add to cart’, from there click on ‘check out’ to view your basket and the charged amount. While on the check out page fill in your information and place the order. Its all that simple. Enjoy your new purchases;D